Consult With Your Doctor Online

You can click on the image to go to our online consultations platform

Beat the telephone queues and receive advice or information within 3 working days.

Our online consultations are done via AccuRx Triage.

It’s a simple and quick process for you as a patient and can save you time (and the annoyance of not being able to reach us on the phone). The system is available 24/7, but we only see and respond to your request during working days.


  • If you have central chest pain or other signs of a heart attack. Phone 999 instead!
  • If you have symptoms suggesting a stroke. Phone 999 instead!
  • If you have an urgent medical problem. Depending on the urgency, phoning 999, 111, or contacting the surgery directly is appropriate. (or occasionally going to A&E, advice from 111 before you do is advised)
  • To order prescriptions (please use Patient Access, the NHS App, or hand your request in at reception instead)
  • To book an appointment. Use the online booking system via Patient Access or the NHS App, or phone the practice to book instead.

Use for:

  • To ask for non-urgent medical advice
  • To request an extension of your fit note
  • To request test results
  • To get an update on your referral
  • Any other administrative issue you may wish an update or advice on

How does it work?

You can follow the link on your phone or computer and it will ask you a few questions about what problem you would like advice on. There is an option to add some free text to expand on this.

Our online consultations are only available for our patients and not available for patients registered with another practice to ask for our advice!

The system works best if you have a mobile phone, as we can send our response via text to you.

When we receive your request, this comes into an inbox, and your request will be saved to your medical record. Your request will then be assigned to the most appropriate person within the practice to deal with it unless the person viewing the request can deal with it themselves.

Once the advice, information, or action is ready, this will be sent to you via text message, or we may contact you by phone. The advice may be to book an appointment. Booking appointments is available online via Patient Access or the NHS App, or over the phone.