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Barnsley Self-Care Guidance

As you may have heard mentioned on the news, NHS England has brought out new guidance for GPs on what they can and can’t prescribe. Several medications available over the counter are in principle no longer available as an NHS prescription. This means you will need to buy this medication yourself, either at the pharmacy or at the supermarket. If you would like to read the full Barnsley Self-Care Guidance which contains further details on this, you can find that information here:

The Meningitis Vaccination for Students

From September 2015 all children in school years 9 and 10 (13-15 years old) are offered the MenACWY (meningitis) vaccination in school. Some children will have missed this vaccination as they were absent from school when the vaccination was offered.

It is not too late!

You can also contact the GP surgery and enquire about having the vaccine at the surgery instead if you missed it. People are eligible to receive this missed vaccine as long as they have not reached the age of 25 yet.

It is recommended you are vaccinated against meningitis before you start university but you remain eligible up to the age of 25.

Please contact the GP surgery if you wish to know more or if you wish to arrange for vaccination to take place.

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