Telephone System/Access Satisfaction Survey:

Telephone Satisfaction Survey
At Grimethorpe Surgery we are keen to improve our services and the patient experience where this is possible and within our power to do. We regularly receive complaints about our telephone system and access via the phone, and are in the process of getting a new (and hopefully better) system in place.
As we wish to know if the changes we make actually translate into an improvement for our patients, we wish to do a survey of our patients before the change, which we aim to repeat after the change. That way, we should be able to tell if the change has indeed brought an improvement.
Thank you for assisting us with this. We hope the changes will lead to a better patient experience and improvements for the practice, too.
Thank you for taking the time to fill this survey.
Q1. Thinking about the last time you tried to contact the GP practice by telephone, how easy was it to establish this contact?
Q2. How do you feel about the length of time you had to wait for your call to be answered?
Q3 What do you think of our current phone system?
Q4. Overall, thinking about the last time you contacted the GP practice via the telephone, how well did you feel this went?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this form and providing us with feedback to improve our telephone services. Your support in and suggestions on improving our services are much appreciated. Thank you!
If you feel happy to share your details with us you can do so below.