Social Prescribing in Barnsley – My Best Life

My Best Life (and our My Best Life champion)

My Best Life is the name for social prescribing in Barnsley. You may have heard of social prescribing already but it is just as possible this is a term you are unfamiliar with.

So, what is social prescribing?

When patients visit their GP this can be because of many different reasons. They can be suffering from symptoms of infection or some other illness. Many patients, however, consult their GP about social problems. This can range from things to do with their finances and how this impacts their mental wellbeing to problems with housing, minor depressive symptoms,s loneliness. The list is endless. In some cases, the GP will be able to help the patient himself. In others, social prescribing would be a better option. The GP may, therefore, suggest a referral to social prescribing instead. You can also request to be referred to social prescribing. Self-referral is not possible but doctors, nurses and the My Best Life Champion in the practice will be able to refer you.

The My Best Life Champion for Grimethorpe Surgery is Mrs. Lisa Whitehead.

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