Phone problems yet again

Image of an old-fashioned telephone with the words 'Problems with our telephone!'

One phone problem is solved, and another one pops up again.

We are experiencing problems with our phone lines in both Cudworth and Grimethorpe and understand there are other practices affected by this too.

Our phone supplier informs us this is because of an outage at Pulsant.

We hope the issue is resolved soon.

What have we noticed?
Your phone call may come through and we can speak with you for a moment. Then the line suddenly goes quiet on the other end and the call cuts out. The problem appears to be intermittent.

We hope this will be resolved soon because we have frankly had enough of this and are certain our patients have too. Hopefully our new provider will not have any problems with this once we have moved to them. (Unfortunately no date yet).

We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Remember: if you can’t get hold of us, please contact NHS111, or if your problem is non-urgent, you can also contact us via our online consultations:

Update: now resolved