Results from our survey on options desired in a new telephone system

We have received 20 entries in this survey so far and would love to see more patients tell us what they would like to see in our new system.

The results so far are:

For the group ‘other’ our patients told us the following:

  • Queue implemented for all calls, rather than many failing to go through due to busy lines
  • I’m not a fan of the voice system. Maybe it’s just me but systems like this never seem to understand what I’m trying to say!

Other patients added the following options, which we believe don’t relate to the telephone system but to the appointment system. We will not incorporate those within a new telephone system.

  • To be able to book an appointment a few weeks in advance for non-urgent things. When we get the chance to be off from work.
  • Be able to book/have a choice over appointments or telephone appointments at a convenient time around personal work hours

Both these options are available for nursing team and clinical pharmacist appointments already, but they are not currently something we can implement for GP, ANP or PA appointments as these go through our assessment of need system.