Our weekly check-in with comments left on the Patient Satisfaction Survey 25 November 2023

Image showing Patient Satisfaction Survey, tick boxes and pink marker pen

Another week and more comments were left on our Patient Satisfaction Survey and the Friends and Family Test. It is once more time to have a look at what our patients think about our services and to learn lessons that could help us improve our services. So, let’s have a look, shall we?

For me you can’t improve, more than happy with the services I receive, Thankyou.

By comparison with experiences of friends and family and their surgerys, The whole team at Grimethorpe and Cudworth and the triage system in place is exceptionally good, including Lo’s chemist and prescription ordering, I am very happy with all aspects of your current system and my recent treatments. Thank you.

Due to work commitments (early starts & late finishes) it’s difficult to find appointment dates. On line appointment booking would be really helpful

We are looking at how we can improve our system. Although we agree online appointments would be great to help our patients and reduce the pressure on the phone lines, this would make it impossible to assess the need for the appointment prior to this being booked. It would also make it impossible to determine if a different clinician or service would be better suited to deal with the patient’s problem prior to the appointment. At the moment we are trying to come up with a solution that is best for the practice and all the patients we care for. Not an easy task as there is no such thing as a perfect system or solution.

I found the doctor very judgemental and rude, was very late to see me also my apt was at 11:15 didn’t get seen till 11:40 ish

We are sorry to hear the patient felt this was the case and know this was not the impression the doctor intended to make. Sometimes something will happen to make a doctor or nurse run late. There could be an emergency, or the problem a patient presents with may be more complex than the 10-15 minute appointment allows. Where this is the case, the doctor can run late. We apologise for any occasion this happens as it is very inconvenient for the next patients. We hope our patients understand this can be fully outside our control. If you want to see a doctor and you know you will likely need more than the standard 10-15 minutes, please inform the receptionist of this as we may be able to arrange a longer appointment which can both ensure your appointment is less rushed and the risk of running late is reduced.

I appreciate your help and thank you so much. And to send a feed back is a great idea to inform you of any shortfalls. Thanks.

Please make it easier to get an appointment.phoning from eight o,clock on the off chance of getting appointment is very distressing Thank you for all you do for patients.

We are unsure how we can make it easier to get an appointment other than increase our workforce significantly. Something that isn’t as easy as it appears. There are not enough doctors about to attract to the practice. We also are already fighting a lack of space to house our clinicians and administrative members of staff. Our current system aims to provide patients who need an appointment with an appointment with the most suitable clinician or service for their problem. But even then, not all who need an appointment will get one. We will continue to search for ways to improve things further.

And below are the comments on the Friends and Family Test:

How likely are you to recommend our GP practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?
Extremely likely
Can you tell us why you gave that response?
The practice nurse (Gemma) is so friendly, helpful and professional. She explained everything and made the appointment less stressful
Do you think the practice has improved in the last 12 months?
Any appointments or contact I have had has been excellent
What are we doing particularly well?
Good contact, friendly reception staff, professional & helpful medical/ nursing staff
What do you feel we can improve on and how?
It would be great to see online results from blood tests
Also, online booking for appointments would be much more accessible to people with jobs that make it difficult to wait on phone lines

We are pleased to hear this patient is happy with our services and had a great experience with Gemma, our nursing associate. We agree she is a great asset to our practice.

The suggestion for results to be available to view online is a good one. If this patient has the NHS App or if the patient is registered with online services, this is something that should already be available. Any results, consultations, and letters that have been added to the patient’s records since mid-September 2023 (or since the date of registration with the practice if that was after this date) should be available to view online. When you view this, please bear in mind these are in medical terms and there may be things that you are not familiar with. The other drawback of viewing results or letters online is that you may see them before the doctor has had a chance to see them and comment on them.

If you don’t have access to online services, you can also request results via our online consultations platform and pick ‘admin query’, then ‘test results’ as the option. You should receive a response to your request within 3 working days.

How likely are you to recommend our GP practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?
Extremely likely
Can you tell us why you gave that response?
Good reliable practice, friendly and helpful staff

Conclusions from this week:

The comments left were mostly positive, with a few suggestions for improvement:

  • Reintroduce online bookable appointments
  • Make it easier to book appointments
  • Don’t run late (can’t always be helped)