Have you heard about Berneslai Homes’ Hardship Fund?

Berneslai Homes Hardship Fund image
If you’re living in a Berneslai Homes property and are struggling with your bills or food, the Hardship Fund may be for you.

Berneslai Homes can offer support with gas and electric bills through pre-payment vouchers or help to buy food and toiletries. 

In some cases, help can be given to tenants with energy arrears of less than £750 through a one-off payment.

What can households get through the Hardship Fund? 
The fund has a £750 cap per household within twelve months.

This payment is to be used on fuel costs, food, or both. 

A Berneslai Homes officer will complete a full application and income and expenditure form to assess whether a tenant is eligible for the fund.  

The application process will look at income, employment status, essential spending, household spending, shopping, and travel expenses.

Following a successful application, the tenant can access the fund again after three months.

This is up to the maximum limit of £750 per household within twelve months.  

How do people apply? 

By calling 01226 774270.
By emailing tenantsupportservice@berneslaihomes.co.uk.
By applying online on the Berneslai Homes website.