Our weekly review of the comments made on our Patient Satisfaction Survey.

Usually, I leave this until my Saturday, but tomorrow will be a busy day. It will be our first flu-clinic this year – a walk-in clinic for all our eligible patients from 9 am till 3 pm in Cudworth. We will close from 1-1.30 pm for lunch.

This will leave me with very little time to share the results with you and I’ll do that now instead.

The new appointment system is much better

We are glad you think so and we agree.

I got an appointment straight away and blood tests within the hour as recommended by the doctor

This patient was rather lucky that we had availability for the blood test at the time. We do our best but can’t promise this will also happen like this.

The lady who saw me was very thorough and gave useful advice

We are happy to hear that as we always aim for this to be the case.

I still think there is room for improvement the doctor I saw this time Dr Ali was very good he spent time talking to me unlike some of the other doctors who basically can’t wait to get you out of the door and he actually resolved hopefully the problem

We agree, there is always room for improvement. This is one of the reasons we run this survey. It helps us find the areas patients feel improvement is needed and we can look at whether we agree and how we can improve. We are pleased to hear the patient was happy with Dr Ali’s consultation.

I had to wait over half an hour for my appointment as they were late. Then to be told they couldn’t do anything with what I went in for no help at all and told me to go back in a week complete waste of time

We don’t know what happened here and can’t check as the patient didn’t leave any contact details. We are sorry we kept the patient waiting. Sometimes things occur that are outside of our control. It is possible the patient saw someone who was not the right person to deal with the issue, but we don’t know. We are sorry that we couldn’t be more helpful at the time.

I have never had any trouble to be honest staff are lovely and I get an appointment when possible thank you for your service I am 72 years old and always been at this surgery wouldn’t want to go any were else thank you

We are so pleased to hear this. We do our best and it is great to hear we get it right (even if we can’t always get it right for everyone).

Excellent service. Gemma explained the risks associated with a live vaccine to my satisfaction and the injection went well.

Thank you. We agree Gemma is an asset to our surgery.

And thank you to everyone who takes the time to fill in our Patient Satisfaction Survey. We do our best to learn from the comments you share with us. And where it shows us areas for improvement, we will look at how we can achieve those. Thank you all, it is very much appreciated.

Dr J.E.C. Bennekers, practice manager.