Our weekly Patient Satisfaction Survey results check-in

It’s the weekend which means the practice manager has a look at the Patient Satisfaction surveys again. We believe it is important to stay in-tune with what our patients tell us and adjust things where necessary. We are, of course, limited by our capacity and guidance from above in what we can do. Some things are not achievable although we will keep looking for solutions to improve our services where possible.

Here is a round-up of this week’s comments left:

Seeing the GP face to face was really good and reassuring. I am still waiting 6 months on for my ears syringing and they are full of wax.

We don’t provide ear syringing in the surgery, and the district nursing team is currently unable to provide this service either. Instead, the surgery will need to refer patients to ENT to receive ear care.

There is, however, a local Ear Service available you might wish to look into.

Services include: – Wax removal and micro-suctioning – Removal of foreign materials from ear – Diagnosis of otitis externa and otomycosis – advice and ear care education, ..signposting to appropriate treatments There is a fee of £50 (covers both ears), but is a much quicker option than the 3+ months wait for ENT.

This service works from the Cudworth Health Centre.

Excellent service despite my scepticism prior to ringing, exceeded my expectations and a professional approach throughout my patient journey experience. I’ve been highly impressed with the surgery since becoming a patient. Staff are super friendly, polite, respectful and a pleasure to speak to at my time of need. Thank you

We’re pleased to hear this. We are more used to hearing complaints than people telling us how pleased they are with the service. After all, if everything goes well, people don’t tend to say much.

The young woman on the reception desk was very rude and not overly professional

We wonder who this person is talking about. We don’t have many young women and we have never witnessed the young women we do have at reception being rude or unprofessional. If our staff have come across as rude and unprofessional, we do apologise. They work hard and tend to bend over backwards to help our patients.

Reception staff very helpful. Prompt reply by text for an early appointment.

We are glad to hear this patient was satisfied.

Good knowledgable staff, good doctors, nice surgery
Do you think the practice has improved in the last 12 months?
Yes, in my last questionnaire I said there was no queue to wait in a queue which meant you was calling over 50 times first thing in a morning and just getting a busy message and clicking off. Now you have implemented a waiting queue which is much better and more user friendly.

We are glad to hear the queuing system is making a difference. There are still reports from patients that they get a busy tone when ringing. These are the times when the queue is full when people ring. With 7500 patients and 2 phone lines between our Grimethorpe and Cudworth branch it is unsurprising the phones can’t cope with the number of calls received. The lines get quieter after 10 am, and you can bypass the phones completely by using the online consultations system. You can access that here: https://florey.accurx.com/p/C85018. Please bear in mind it can take up to 3 working days for us to respond to medical and administrative requests sent via this system (although usually much quicker than that).

Not many comments this week and, like last week, all the comments made were shared with you. We believe the above comments leave us with the following actions:

  • Keep doing what we’re doing with our phone system and the services we provide
  • Observe our staff members as they interact with patients (rudeness is not tolerated)
  • Continue to explore further improvements to the systems in place