Chronic Disease (Birthday) Reviews at Grimethorpe Surgery

Do you have a chronic disease for which you receive annual reviews at the surgery?

In that case, you might wish to know how we deal with those at Grimethorpe Surgery.

We aim to do all the reviews for your chronic diseases at the same time where possible, saving you from having to make multiple trips to the surgery unless this is really necessary. And who likes needles, anyway?

To make this easy to remember for our patients, we try to arrange these reviews in the month their birthday falls.

However, where your birthday falls in January, February, or March, we try to avoid these months. Our diabetic patients may understand why (Christmas treats can temporarily negatively influence diabetic control). We also use these months as the ‘mop-up’ months to get those people in who have not yet had their reviews.

The year in healthcare runs from April to March (much like the financial year), and we try to have all reviews dealt with before the end of the calendar year.

So, your annual reviews will be due in the month your birthday falls, other than the following months:

January – your annual reviews are due in April

February – your annual reviews are due in May

March – your annual reviews are due in June.

Just had your review in January-March and you are being called in again? That means you had your review late in the last annual review year. However, have your review now, and it will from there on be due in the month your birthday falls, unless this falls in Jan-Mar (see above).

We hope this explains the system a little better.

Not had an invitation but your annual review is due (taking into account the above)? Feel free to book your appointment if you are due.