Keeping our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page up-to-date.

(image from Pulse magazine sometime ago)

My apologies for not keeping our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages or the website very up-to-date. I will try to keep them up-to-date a little better.

However, the day job is a busy one that doesn’t allow time to update our patients other than in emergencies.

This means, I only have time to keep this up-to-date outside of office hours, generally. Hence, posting between 6 and 8 am or in the evenings or even on weekends.

I have even been known to keep the pages up-to-date during weekends. Receiving comments that we should be answering the phone or be doing our job, does not motivate us to keep the pages updated, either. Especially, when I am aware the entire team works extremely hard every day.

Our reception team is not involved in the running of these pages. The role falls solely on the shoulders of the practice manager. So, if you want to blame someone for not working hard enough, blame the practice manager. She manages the pages and the website when this is required and during her free time (lunch, before and after hours, or when there is an emergency, in between other jobs.

Dr J.E.C. Bennekers, practice manager