Appointments severely limited today 24 March 2022

We are so very sorry. Our appointments are severely limited today.

We are now down to only one doctor standing at the surgery. Please, bear this in mind when you request an appointment. Our appointments will be severely limited today as we only have one doctor available to book appointments with. (and they have now been allocated)

What will this mean for our patients?

The doctor will do everything within his power to ensure patients still get what is needed, but there is only so much one person can do on his own.

So, your prescriptions may take longer to process.
It may take longer to read the correspondence from the hospital.
It may take longer to deal with test results.
Medical reports will not be dealt with until capacity is restored.
Anything that is not immediately necessary will have to wait.

Remember, once all same-day appointments have been allocated, our capacity for more appointments is depleted, and we can not simply see someone for 2 minutes or have a 2-minute chat on the phone.

Please, if no appointments available, but you need to be seen today, contact i-Heart between 4 and 6 pm on 01226 242419.

For more urgent, contact NHS111.

If it is life-threatening, call 999 instead.

If your problem is not urgent for today, please try again on a different day. We, too, are only human .