Major Phone problems at Cudworth today! – resolved

An image of an old-fashioned phone and the words 'problems with our telephones' and Resolved over it.


We are experiencing major issues with our telephones in Cudworth. Since late yesterday, our phones have been inaccessible to our patients and when we have tried to phone our number ourselves, we received a ‘inaccessible’ message.

We have reported the problem and after our provider first trying to identify the problem, we have been informed that our lines are no longer with them???? Our new system isn’t in place yet, so the information they hold is incorrect.

We have responded to this informing them of this, and have copied the ICB in. The ICB has now responded stating they believe one of the companies that now provides another practice in the Cudworth Centre, may mistakingly have transferred our phone numbers too.

We are trying to get the issue resolved as soon as possible and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

In the meantime, if you wish to get in touch with the surgery, please call our Grimethorpe number on 01226 716809 and please bear with us as the waiting times are likely to be increased because all phone calls will be coming through to Grimethorpe.
Our receptionists will answer your call as soon as they can.

If your problem is non-urgent, you can also contact us using the online consultations:
If you need medical advice urgently and can’t get through: please contact NHS 111 instead.

Update from our current provider:


Unfortunately the numbers have left our account we have no control over it. In this situation when contracts are won the winning provider controls when the number port takes place.

These numbers left our account yesterday at 15:20 as per the screenshot below 

(an image was included showing all our phone numbers in Cudworth too)

We are trying to get this issue sorted. It appears that one of our neighbouring practices in Cudworth has gone live with their new phone provider yesterday. Although the practice manager for this practice stressed, on several occasions, that numbers from a certain number onwards should not be ported (transferred to the new provider), they still did so. This has placed our phone numbers in limbo and they are currently inaccessible when phoning from outside the practice.

Until further notice, please contact us at our Grimethorpe number instead, or alternatively for non-urgent matters, use our online consultations instead.

Update 17/5/24 11.17: We have been informed that all the telephone lines within the Cudworth Centre were transferred to the new provider for a neighbouring practice in error. It appears not only our practice, but also community and other services have been affected by this.

We have requested they transfer our phone lines back to us so we can at least receive calls from our patients who phone our Cudworth number again.

Update 17/5/24 11.33: We have just been updated that BT has taken the phone lines that were erroneously taken from our current provider and sent them back to them. They are awaiting final confirmation this has been successful.

We are hopeful our lines will be back to how they should be soon.

Update 17/5/24 14.06: We have just chased our provider to find out the situation as the phones in Cudworth are still not working. They informed us that the new provider for the neighbours did not pass the numbers back yet and to contact that provider directly. I’ve just come off the phone with them (even though they are not our current or new providers) and they assure me that they have passed the numbers back and are waiting for confirmation from BT but they are continually chasing this.

We apologise for the inconvenience this causes and hope they will soon get it resolved.

Update 17/5/24 16.18: we are still waiting for our phone lines to be transferred back to our current provider. Everyone is still chasing it from the ICB, the incorrect provider and our current provider’s side. We hope they will soon sort this as we consider this to be a major problem.

Update just received regarding our phone lines in Cudworth from our provider:

Hi All,

Numbers still don’t seem to be working on our side. I have just had a call with Gamma and they are going to contact BT now to find out the status of these numbers. I’m aware they are showing on the Gamma portal but this was just Gamma building them back onto the SBC ready for when BT sent them back.

I will update you all shortly.

Update 22/5/24 08.14:

Update on the phone lines in Cudworth:

They are finally back. We hope they have been configured correctly, but there may be some teething problems as it needed to be set up again from scratch by the provider.

You can again contact us at Cudworth: 01226 707110.