Time to share the results of the Patient Satisfaction Survey again.

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It’s Saturday and a little later than usual, but let’s have a look at what comments our patients have left on our Patient Satisfaction Survey this week.

The nurse who did my bloods and yearly checkup was really friendly and put me at ease and she was very efficient and explained everything to me in layman’s terms to ensure I understood what blood pressure targets etc I should be aiming for
It’s a great practice

Very satisfied nothing to add

My appointment was with Louise she is very informative & positive

For those of you who haven’t met her yet, Louise is our Health and Wellbeing Coach. She can help with things like weight loss, help with blood pressure and education relating to blood pressure, prediabetes and diabetes, and several other things. If you think you might benefit from seeing her, please enquire about this at reception.

Got a quick appointment due to it being Locums only, I felt as though the Dr didn’t listen to what I was telling her, therefore it was a wasted appointment, I know my own body and I know when things aren’t quite right.

Unfortunately this is something we can’t look into further as the person did only leave the comment and no contact details. We are sorry to hear the patient was dissatisfied.

Appointment sorted out very quickly.
I saw the GP that day.
He was very kind & compassionate. Advice & support given as required
I was very happy with the overall service

Was a yearly health check. The medical service itself was excellent. Not a fan of having to phone at 8am in the morning so walked up to the clinic to book a time. Preferred the system where you could book appointments. It made it a lot easier to see the GP.

The Assessment of Need system we currently use (as per NHS England guidance) has benefits and drawbacks. Patients who WANT to see a doctor are now at a disadvantage as they can’t book an appointment any longer. However, patients who NEED to see a doctor have a greater chance of seeing the right person at the right time and the right place. Not everyone who wants an appointment needs one. Some problems are dealt with better or just as well by another service. For instance, GPs can’t treat dental problems but we still used to get patients to see a GP for a dental problem in the past.

I was very happy with DR Sam

If I ring the doctor it is not a trivial matter I consider very carefully before contacting a Doctor as I realise they are under pressure these days.

I felt that the treatment I received was good and I was seen the same day I rang thank you

Hi, Both my wife and myself have been very satisfied with everyone that we have met or spoken to, many thanks.
Best regards,

I was very happy with reception team, excellent service given.
I wasn’t happy at all with GP, being treated like a text book rather than an individual, frowned upon when treatment requested, and very limited treatment offered. I will request to see a different GP in future

Extremely long wait on the telephone just to get through to reception which I find odd as I never hear the telephone ringing when down there in person. The only thing I can think of that there is one specific person answering the incoming calls? If it is just one person I would suggest that at certain times of day it would be better if more than one person is dealing with the calls.

We are aware of the problem with our telephone lines and will soon have a new, and we hope and expect, better telephone system in place. We expect this within the next few weeks although we haven’t received a go-live date for this yet. This patient is correct, you won’t hear the phones ringing in reception normally. This is because we have moved our incoming calls to a room away from reception to ensure confidentiality is maintained. Anyone in the waiting area can otherwise overhear what is being said. That is also the reason we don’t accept appointment requests at the reception desk, we want to maintain the patient’s confidentiality. The patient is also correct in the assumption we only have one receptionist answering the calls at either site. (so 2 in total). This is because of issues with space and the availability of staff at certain times. Unfortunately, we have struggled with sickness in our team, which has made it necessary to sometimes answer both phones in one site because of a lack of staff members. The new phone system should make life better and easier to use and we hope it will bring what we want for both our patients and the practice.

Just sort the calls on hold, waiting time

As mentioned above, we are working on it. We expect the new phone system to arrive in the near future.

And that concludes the comments left this week. We hope everyone will have a lovely and relaxing weekend.